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Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Snowdonia and Rock Climbing go hand in hand, early Everest Pioneers used the cliffs of Snowdonia as training grounds before attempting the larger Alpine summits. Although we may not be training for Everest we can still follow in their footsteps and climb on some of Wales best Cliff's.


We start the Day with a bit of bouldering, Bouldering is a discipline within climbing that allows people to climb shorter rocks without a rope. From here we will learn how to put our harnesses on and belay safely, we can then get into the best part of the day which is scaling the rock faces and abseiling back down.


Don't worry if you have never climbed before our instructors are always on hand to help with advice and making you feel as comfortable as possible. If you are experienced in climbing then I'm sure we can help you develop your skills and progress your climbing.   Duration 2-3 Hours, Age 18+

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