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Extreme Canyoning

Extreme Canyoning is an all-time favourite for anyone who dares.


Extreme Canyoning is a more intense version of canyoning, take on the river and prepare for the ultimate rush as you slide down flumes and race down the zip wire ( Minimum 10 participants for the zip wire ) in Wales best Outdoor Playground. Extreme Canyoning has something for everyone with big slides, abseil, zip wire and the opportunity to leap from the cliff edges ( up to 35ft all jumps are optional ).


Whats Included:

All kit is included

-Plunge pool entry

-Waterfall Curtain Walk


-Via Ferrata 

-100ft Slide

-40ft Abseil / 50m Zip-wire

-Slide with 20ft Freefall

-Jumps up to 35ft


-Slab Traverse

-100m Waterfall Scramble

Duration from meeting to leaving 2.5 - 4 Hours subject to group size and ability













So if you are looking for an adrenaline filled outdoor adventure in North Wales then Extreme Canyoning is a must. 


You will be provided with all the necessary equipment to descend the Canyon Safely and our team of instructors will be with you every step of the way. 

Additional Info
What to bring:
Old Trainers or Walking Boots            ( no Sandals or beach shoes)
A pair of old baggy shorts

We recommend an age of 12 and above to make the most of this experience, under 18's must be accompanied by a participating parent

Further Canyoning information, Canyoning in north Wales has become an extreme outdoor adventure. There are dozens of exciting canyons to choose from, and our one packs a punch. If adrenaline action is what you are looking for then our canyoning activity will certainly give you that heart pounding feeling. Our canyon is extreme with 40+ Foot jumps, Free falling from waterfalls and a Crazy Zipwire from the top of a Waterfall. Canyoning is one of the Ultimate things to do in Wales and should be on everyone's outdoor adventure list. So are you ready for an extreme adrenaline adventure? Book Canyoning in North Wales with Adrenalin Addicts!!

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