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Why is Canyoning so Epic?

Aside from being in fantastic locations immersed in nature, canyoning offers so much. One minute you could be swimming through rock pools or sliding chutes, and next you could be abseiling or cliff jumping. If you’re going with a guide you don’t need any prior experience and there are many epic canyons to suit all skill levels, there isn’t even a requirement to swim as buoyancy aids are supplied. The freedom and adrenaline that can be felt on a canyoning adventure are incomparable to almost anything else, in modern times it is rare to feel like you are truly engaging with nature. Canyoning takes you to the heart of a landscape where the wilds are seldom seen by others. The flora and fauna often found can be mesmerising with its wild ferns, cascading canopy’s and secret lichens. Canyons often sculpt the most surreal architecture into the landscape showcasing the beauty and power of nature. We love Canyoning here at Adrenalin Addicts and take great pleasure in exploring these wild places, if you would like to have your own canyoning adventure head to our website using the details below and book your own adventure!

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