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The Sport of Canyoning

The Sport of Canyoning

Canyoning, also known as canyoneering, is the act of navigating down a flowing mountain stream in a gorge using a variety of techniques including abseiling, climbing, sliding and jumping.

The canyon itself is a natural gorge that has been carved out of the mountainside by a water current. They are usually quite steep, with dramatic cliff drops on both sides and a number of waterfalls to encounter along the way too. Some waterfalls form natural toboggans, which are natural slides where people can go down with minimal effort – and this proves to be lots of fun! Others involve abseiling or can be jumped.

The sport of canyoning involves a number of outdoor skills, including hiking, climbing, swimming, abseiling, sliding, jumping and rappelling. It is designed for exploring hard-to-reach areas of the natural landscape by following water routes and navigating the different streams, pools and waterfalls. It can be vary varied during your journey from point A to point B, and you will need to use various techniques to complete the course. One minute you could be swimming through rock pools or sliding chutes, and the next you could be clambering over rocks or abseiling.

When is the best time of year for Canyoning? Our Adventures start in April after the cold temperatures and heavy rains have left canyoning it is best enjoyed in warmer weather. The best time to book a trip is during the summer season, spring and early autumn are perfect when the temperatures are still nice.

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