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Cliff Jumping Technique Explained

Cliff Jumping breaks down into two stages stage one is called Getting Set, the key here is to get balanced and then focus on a target. This can be bubbles in the pool a floating leaf or any other object you can easily keep your eyes on.

Stage two is called Go, don’t think just jump. If you hesitate and start doubting yourself it can be very difficult to muster up the courage to try again. Hesitation is usually the cause of bad landing jumping with confidence is key.

Tips for Jumping

Jump out towards an intended target, maintaining balance during the jump can be difficult for the inexperienced jumper. Having forward motion as well as downward greatly improves your overall balance. To get extra distance bend at your knees and waist, swing your arms forward on takeoff.

Focus on your target use your arms to maintain balance in the air either adopting a star jump position or having a bend in your knees and arms out to the side.

Landing positions

The shape of your body on landing is crucial for reducing impact, firstly you are aiming to land vertically with your feet together. You should try to have a slight bend in knees on impact with the water and your arms should be held tight agains your body ideally elbows tucked low and your hands touching opposing shoulders creating an x over your torso. If you are wearing a buoyancy aid gripping your shoulder straps is a good option. For larger jumps you should aim to point your toes on impact this will greatly reduce the force exertion on your body.

Never try to hold your nose while jumping this has been the cause of many facial injuries, the best option when landing is to exhale firmly out of your nose when you impact the water, continue to exhale until you have reached the surface this is the optimal way of reducing water entering the sinus.

There are many other options for entering water after a jump these are generally used when landing in shallow water and we will cover them at a later stage.

Hopefully you found this info useful, we teach all this and much more when you come on a canyoning experience with us. To book your adventure head to our website using the details below.

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