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8 Years of Adrenaline Addicts

Here we are moving into our eighth year of outdoor adventures in snowdonia. Over the years we have had the please of taking so many great people out into the Beautiful Welsh Countryside, starting our journey in 2016 with the conception of Adrenalin Addicts we delved into an ambitious goal. As two brothers we strives to offer adventures that would capture the spirit of adventure and tailor it to people of all capabilities. We wanted to bring some of our favourite pastimes as adventures for people to share in, Canyoning has always been at the heart of our adventures. Accessing these remote wild places that have seldom been seen has always been a great passion of ours, growing up in North Wales gave us the best playground for learning and exploring. Being given the freedom to persue any sport or adventure we chose, as young children we were often out in the mountains and forests hiking and wild camping, swimming in the remote lakes of the Rhinogau or sleeping under stars in the Moelwyns. As we got older and passions for other sports grew a great love for Climbing and Kayaking came about, there was never a dull moment with unlimited potential for climbing in snowdonia and on those rainy days Kayaking the world class rapids and waterfalls along the Afon Mawddach or the Fairy Glen.

This is where a passion for Canyoning was formed, being able to combine the skills we had acquired from climbing with the knowledge of water and rivers gave rise to opportunities for exploring these hidden gems. Canyoning was a new venture for us and at the time we didn't even have a name for it, this was circa 2005. Although Canyoning was something that had been done by many people dating back to some time around the 1970's it was mostly done commercially by outdoor centres on very simple easy to navigate terrain, as we were experiencing climbers and had good knowledge for rivers it seemed in hindsight inevitable that we would be drawn to canyoning. Granted Canyoning was still something we seldom did more often reserved for days that were to hot for climbing and without enough rain for kayaking. Exploring these places for the first time has always made for a great adventure, snowdonia boasts many great canyons. We would often find ourselves hiking through the wilderness trying to locate the source of these canyons and then attempting to descend. Some were navigated with relative ease while others being very technical in nature, all were great opportunities to explore and expand our skills and experience.

Continued reading in our next blog post!

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