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About Canyoning

What is Canyoning? Where do you do it? Do I have to do the Jumps? These are all questions we are asked here at Adrenalin Addicts, below is all the information you will need about Canyoning and what to expect.

First off, what is Canyoning? Canyoning is the art of descending or ascending a very steep section of waterway, it usually involves climbing, abseiling, sliding and swimming your way to the bottom. As Canyoning has evolved into an adventure sport more areas have been discovered, and more inventive ways of descending have been found. Our trip will take you on a wild adventure down the Afon Prysor, we start gradually with a scramble down to the water, small slides follow until we reach the mighty Cresta Run, this is a series of slides that culminate in a 35ft Waterfall. When we reach the waterfall we descend via Zipwire / Abseil into the heart of this temperate rainforest. From here we enter the lower Canyon, we start with a bang. A slide followed by a 15ft freefall into the plunge pool below. This is where we have an opportunity to test our nerve against a series of jumps from different heights. Don't worry if you don't fancy the jumps they are all optional, after the Jumps we continue down the canyon through slides until we reach the final obstacle, a scramble up and out of the Canyon via a Waterfall.


Where do we meet for Canyoning?

Once you have booked your adventure you will receive an itinerary with all the information for your activity, You will need to bring old trainers and spare clothes with you. The Extreme Canyon takes between 2-3 hours to descend depending on group size and ability.

Are there any restrictions?

As canyoning is an extreme adventure we do require all participants to be over the age of 12

You need to be of reasonable health and fitness to participate - Maximum weight of 115kg for the zip wire.

If you would like any further information regarding canyoning please call us on 07930137994 or email at

Canyoning is one of the Ultimate things to do in Wales and should be on everyone's outdoor adventure list,

Start your Adventure today!

The Sport of Canyoning


Canyoning, also known as canyoneering, is the act of navigating down a flowing mountain stream in a gorge using a variety of techniques including abseiling, climbing, sliding and jumping.

The canyon itself is a natural gorge that has been carved out of the mountainside by a water current. They are usually quite steep, with dramatic cliff drops on both sides and a number of waterfalls to encounter along the way too. Some waterfalls form natural toboggans, which are natural slides where people can go down with minimal effort – and this proves to be lots of fun! Others involve abseiling or can be jumped.

The sport of canyoning involves a number of outdoor skills, including hikingclimbing, swimming, abseiling, sliding, jumping and rappelling. It is designed for exploring hard-to-reach areas of the natural landscape by following water routes and navigating the different streams, pools and waterfalls. It can be vary varied during your journey from point A to point B, and you will need to use various techniques to complete the course. One minute you could be swimming through rock pools or sliding chutes, and the next you could be clambering over rocks or abseiling.

When is the best time of year for Canyoning? Our Adventures start in April after the cold temperatures and heavy rains have left canyoning it is best enjoyed in warmer weather. The best time to book a trip is during the summer season, spring and early autumn are perfect when the temperatures are still nice.

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